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If you’re a homeowner with an electric bill, you are paying too much for your electricity.

Whether you're spending $100 or $1000 a month on your electricity bills, we can help you save time and money, because we believe that residential solar power is our generation's greatest chance for economic and environmental prosperity. 


We are here to easily help find you a money-saving investment that costs you NOTHING upfront. You’re probably still using the first option you were given for your electricity provider, likely because the utility company told you that it’s your only option. Or maybe you just didn't have the time, energy, or money to make the switch. 


We here at Dawn to Dusk Solar Consultants are dedicated to making going solar simpler, easier, faster, and more transparent. That way, you don’t have to waste hours researching the best choice, we do that for you!


I’m intrigued. Tell me more!


Dawn to Dusk solar provides the best products, services, and management skills to homeowners looking to save money, improve their home value, and protect the planet. Plus, with initiatives like Project Amplify, we make sure that even homeowners who may not qualify for financing options can still join the green revolution and save money down the line.


What could be so complicated about going solar? 


When making an informed decision, you need to gather a lot of data. For example, you need to know what rate you’re currently on, which rate is most effective for solar, and know what you paid per kilowatt-hour last year in comparison to what you should be paying for solar in your city. You also need to check the Contractor State License Board records for every installer AND their subcontractors, as well as verify that the number of panels, wattage, system size, and output are all going to be sufficient for decades to come. 


I don’t have time to do all that research!

Don’t worry! We do it for you. We work day and night to make sure that you get the best investment for the fairest price. We look under the hood and make sure the machine runs as promised. We see right through companies with limitless budgets who try to distract you with flashy ads. 


Solar sells itself, but solar sales representatives have made it too complicated over the years. They misrepresent their companies, companies misrepresent their quality, and you often have to choose between sticking with what you have already, or spending hours trying to research the best alternative that you won’t regret years down the line.


As a full service, one-stop-shop for all of your solar needs, we guarantee to go above and beyond your expectations. Call to schedule an initial consultation today.

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