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Whether you're looking to invest or buy, we have a solution for you



Cashflow positive on Day 1

By choosing a financed solution, qualifying home owners see immediate savings. Rather than buying their system outright in cash, investors in a solar solution simply switch from their current utility plan to their own solar array.
We are proud to say that we have a number of financing options available - even to home owners with low credit scores!


For the buyer who wants to pay 25+ years of electricity upfront

Are you the type of person who doesn't even want the monthly or annual payments you already have? If so, perhaps you'd like to purchase your solar array outright. While this solution is not for everyone, it does have its advantages, and our qualified consultants can guide you towards understanding whether or not this program is right for you.

Commercial Solar Cover Pic for Aurora-SC

Commercial Investment

Break even in 2-4 years.

For business owners, we offer programs that allow for immediate savings and long term returns. 

With accelerated MACRS and the Federal Investment Tax Credit, business owners can potentially claim back 100% of their system's value!

Ask us about our options for Not For Profits and 501(c)3 organizations.

Dedicated Solar Consultant

Available Nationwide

For homeowners that want multiple bids. A dedicated Dawn To Dusk solar consultant will come to your home, either with bids he/she has collected on your behalf, or he/she will come to review your bids you have collected. The consultant will then assist you in getting the best option out of your preferred installer. We represent the home owner to get them the lowest interest rate, the best investment amount, and the perfect products for their particular home.

What's this about government incentives?

Will the government or utility pay me for excess power produced?

Unfortunately, unless you are a commercial entity on a power purchase agreement, the current legislation does not allow for residential solar producers to receive checks or payment in return for excess production. This is why our experienced consultants will personalize your system to your current and future needs.

What is the Investment Tax Credit? Do I qualify?

While we are not tax advisers, and cannot give tax advice, it is important to know that the federal government currently provides a 26% tax credit to qualifying home owners. As long as you pay federal income taxes, you should be able to benefit from Uncle Sam's current benefits program. But act now! The ITC decreases to just 21% next year!

What happens to my excess power?

Depending on where you live - it may simply be placed on your account as "store-credit." There used to be a program called Net Energy Metering #1. Unfortunately, many utility providers are now under Net Energy Metering #2 legislation, and are likely to be introduced to Net Metering #3 in the near future. Under the current agreement, home owners receive "store-credit" for excess power produced. We do not know what NEM 3 will hold. Fortunately, there is a 20 year grandfathering for all NEM contract holders in California and many other localities.

Won't the government step in and stop the rising costs of energy?

We at Dawn to Dusk Solar like to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. While we would love to see more intervention on behalf of the government to benefit the needs of the people, as of right now, the only solution for avoiding rising utility costs is for qualifying homeowners to invest in a renewable energy system of their own.


Get to know the materials and companies we partner with

Industry Leading Panels

Solar Panels on Roof

Using only mono-black silicon panels with a minimum performance warranty of 25 years, often with 25 year workmanship warranties as well, Dawn to Dusk Solar is proud to offer a variety of top tier panel options for a variety of home owners needs. Our energy consultants will provide you with detailed information about the benefits of each panel, and help you make the decision that's right for you.

SolarEdge Inverter


A top-tier solar system requires a top-tier inverter. This device converts DC power from the panels to AC power for your home and grid-offset. 
SolarEdge is an industry leader providing Maximum Power Point Tracking, an integrated cloud-based monitoring system, and 25 year warranties.

Enphase MicroInverters


Not interested in a centralized inverter? Look no further than the Enphase iQ7 microinverter. With a 25 year warranty and integrated cloud based monitoring system, this is an inverter system that can go the distance.



While most homes do not need a battery, some homeowners may wish to consider investing in a battery so as to provide solar powered energy even at night, during blackouts, or during peak demand hours. 
The type of battery will determine how and where they need to be stored.  The batteries need to be sized for the expected power consumption before being recharged.  We can help determine the number of batteries needed based on their capacity and depth of discharge rating.

Roof Rack and Solar Arrays


The racking system secures the solar panels onto a pole, roof or on the ground, and it will vary based on the location of the solar array (group of panels).  Some mounting systems can allow the panels to follow the path of the sun to get the optimal exposure, although the majority of installation hold the solar panels in a fixed position.
Our solar panels are not attached directly to your roof, but rather to a racking system that has been wind, water, and fire tested to ensure no leaks or damage will occur. Additionally, shingles on your roof will often last longer under installed panels because they are less exposed to UV light.

Charge Point EV Chargers


Whether you currently have an electric vehicle, or are considering getting one in the future, we can provide you with an electric vehicle charging station installed in your garage, on your home, or even connected directly to your solar panel system!


Faster Charging

When it comes to charging your electric vehicle, a 240V home charger makes a difference.

Whether you choose an inverter/charger combination, or the ChargePoint® Home EV Charger, our consultants will help you find a charging solution to get your electric vehicle back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

With the chargers' cloud based monitoring software, you can schedule charges, time for optimal benefits, and even control settings with your voice using Amazon Alexa!