Project Amplify

We believe there is a powerful economic and environmental case for the benefits of solar energy. Bad credit or low income shouldn’t mean that your home has to depend on fossil fuels forever. That's why we created Project Amplify.


What is Project Amplify?

Project Amplify is an initiative that allows donors to gift solar installations to people in need, who maybe can’t afford their rising electric bills but still want to capture and utilize solar energy.

How much does it cost?

As far as we are aware, this is the only "FREE SOLAR" initiative out there. Many Americans do not meet the requirements or have ample credit history to qualify for traditional financing options, but we refuse to accept that this is a sufficient reason to make homeowners continue to pay utility companies for their power.


With solar, you get to own your power like you own your home AND save money with a more affordable, fixed residential solar payment.*


Through Project Amplify, we bring financial stability and environmental reconciliation to those most in need.  

How does it help? Give me numbers.

A  $100 to $200 a month saving for a family struggling with increasing electric costs is huge. Isn't that a worthwhile gift?

To put things in perspective, raising $2M would enable Dawn-to-Dusk to install over 600 Megawatt of solar panels to help more than one hundred families -- saving them nearly $150 per month in utilities. That’s equivalent to $1800 in the first year, and due to rising electricity prices, approximately $100,000 EACH over a 25-year period. 


Environmentally, these solar panels would offset nearly 530 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year. Over 25 years, that would be the equivalent of planting more than 17,000 acres of forests -- or the equivalent of stopping 14.6 million pounds of coal from being burned. 


Are you a homeowner who could benefit from Project Amplify?

Solar Dusk to Dawn is here to help.

We understand that life happens. Sometimes it's just that paychecks and bills are too close together, and sometimes it's because you had to take care of an ailing family member. Whatever the reason, you've found yourself in a position where you have a rising electric bill and feel like you have no other option.

We're here for you. Send us an email at Subject line: PROJECT AMPLIFY and we'll make sure we do everything we can to help you.

Can I make a donation?

We’ve partnered with the non-profit One2OneUSA to de-institutionalize charitable giving, to provide tangible benefits to homeowners in the form of economic relief through solar energy.


Donating free installations to families in need is TAX DEDUCTIBLE through this initiative and will bring about life-altering change. 


Thank you for wanting to help. We're honored to have your support. Please email us at and we'll gladly help you donate to help homeowners save. Your contribution will make an incredible impact.