What Would You Like to Know?

I'm selling my home, is solar something I should consider?

Absolutely. Given that all new construction homes must have solar, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit while simultaneously setting your home up for positioning in a competitive market. According to a National Renewable Environmental Laboratory study, homes with solar systems sell 20% faster and 17% more!

With most options, the solar system can be passed on to the home buyer along with the financing - or, add the remaining value of the system to the home and sell your property with FREE ELECTRICITY as an additional amenity!

Will I be disconnected from the grid if I go solar?

While this is a common question, the answer is no.  We use “on-grid” systems, meaning that they are still connected to the electrical grid. On-grid solar energy systems are necessary to transfer excess power into the grid, which can result in a credit to customers on Net Energy Metering 2. On-grid systems also keep you connected to the grid for additional power from the utility.

What happens during a blackout?

During a blackout, any "grid-tied" system will be automatically shut off for the safety of the workers that repair the power lines.
If you are interested in maintaining power in a blackout, ask your consultant for more information about our battery options.

How do I know if my home qualifies?

We will conduct a preliminary plans diagnostic as well as an on-site survey to determine if your home is compatible for solar. Here are some examples of what we evaluate to make sure that solar is a good fit:

  • Roof size, pitch and direction

  • Shading of the roof caused by tree branches, other homes, etc.

  • Roof obstructions such as chimneys, pipes, etc.

  • Roof stability and strength

What sort of warranties do you provide and what happens after they're expired?

Our warranty guarantees our work will be free from material defects for 10 years, the system's solar panels carry a 25-year parts and linear performance warranty, and our inverters carry 25-year manufacturers' warranties. Some of our panels even come with 25 workmanship warranty!
Remember, satellites in outer space have solar panels that have been operating for well over twenty five years. The panels will continue to produce long after their warranties. But in the meantime, if there's an issue covered in our contract, we'll send out a technician and fix it. That's a guarantee.

What sort of timeline are we talking about?

Getting permission to operate a system and start generating energy largely depends on your local city and utility company. Our goal is to get your system installed and operational within 8-12 weeks. 

How many panels do I need? What is their wattage? Do they degrade over time?

Deep breaths. We're here for you.
The number of panels, the wattage of your system, and all of the complicated details of your solar array will be carefully explained to you during your consultation. Panels degrade at different rates, and some homes require more output than others. We are here to make the process of switching to solar as simple as possible.
Leave the details to us, and the savings for you.

Ok. So what's the catch... it's expensive, right?

While this is a question our consultants here time and time again, we are proud to say that going solar with us is not expensive at all. In fact, all of our investing solar customers see savings from day one! Qualifying home owners can go solar without any sort of down payment. Our consultants will conduct an analysis of your usage, an evaluation of your home, and inform you about your options.

Shouldn't I just go with the cheapest option?

We've heard this over and over. "I can get it cheaper somewhere else!" Well... maybe. Maybe you can get solar installed for less money. But will that company guarantee a 25 year workmanship warranty? Will that company that is willing to do it for less than everyone else permit your installation and make sure there aren't holes in your roof? Probably not. That company is probably going to get you installed as quickly as possible so they can cash in on the job and wipe their hands clean. Ask yourself, when was the last time you chose something important simply because it was the cheapest option?

Can you explain this whole price per watt thing?

Certainly. Price per watt is how solar investments are priced. Some shoppers like to use this as their only metric when choosing a solar provider. Unfortunately, price per watt ignores all of the other relevant factors associated with an investment as important as going solar. We use price per watt as one of several metrics to get you the best solar investment for your needs.

This all sounds amazing... but how do you get paid?

We get paid the same no matter which company you go with. They pay us for helping you find them and for managing the project once you've signed up. Think you'll pay too much if you use our services? You'll likely pay 50% more to a sales representative who will tell you whatever it takes to get the job and then you'll never see again.

If I go solar will I still have an electric bill?

This is a common question, and you'll be told various versions of the truth if you meet with sales representatives from other companies. So here's the truth: yes. You will most likely pay about $10/month for non-avoidable base charges also known as interconnection fees. On top of that, if we do our job right, you'll be fully offset and have no remaining electric bill. But remember, nobody can control the weather. Sometimes it's cloudier or rainier than the computer programs predicted. So what will happen? Maybe you'll owe $5 dollars. Maybe you'll owe $50. But here's the thing: by the time that happens you'll have saved ten times as much as you owe the utility company. That's how this investment works. You put in $1 and get back $4+. We think that's absolutely worth investing in. But if you go with a company that isn't vetted? Maybe you'll have an electricity bill of $150 every month, plus a solar payment of $100. Now you're paying more than you used to pay. We don't want that for you or anyone. Go solar, and go solar the right way.